“Working with Neelam has been one of the best decisions I made in a long time! She takes great care in her work and I’ve truly seen such changes in my mind & body. The great thing about Neelam is that she is helping me heal my body from the inside out and I’m learning to listen to my body! Definitely do a consultation with her - I would recommend it to everyone!” 

-     Ajna Jai, General Manager, Pondicheri 

"It was great!


Thank you Sonia! The workshop was wonderful. I'm amazed how much I got out of it since I had no previous knowledge except for what I heard here and there.


Thank you for the knowledge you shared with us. Understanding the five elements and learning about the doshas were very helpful and I was able to learn my primary and secondary doshas from the beginning even the ones for the people I care the most.


I can't wait to continue expanding my knowledge in Aryuveda particularly in the area of food and nutrition.

- Pam Amighetti

I thought the workshop was great. I felt that it was extremely informative and that it gave me a great base to keep expanding my knowledge on the topic of Ayurveda. I loved the structure of the workshop, which was a lot of dialogue and conversing with each other. It helped me to hear other people's questions answered that maybe I hadn't thought of asking. 

I wanted to thank you so much for the workshop and I'm looking forward to doing another one as soon as you're ready to. 

- Claudia Fernandez, Costa Rica

My Ayurvedic consultation with Neelam of En Light was life-changing. At the time, I had been dealing with a number of issues: acne, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, and some other personal issues. I didn't know anything about Ayurveda except for a few conversations I heard during yoga class. Traditional Western medicine wasn't working for me so I was open to anything that could help. What I received at En Light was a level of assessment, attention, and guidance that I had not received anywhere else. Neelam gave me a thorough assessment and analysis. She provided the tools, support, and follow up to ensure that I was successful in applying Ayurveda to my life. Most of the issues that I originally sought help for have cleared or lessened. I have since delved much deeper into the study of Ayurveda after visiting India and becoming a certified yoga instructor. I have met many other Ayurvedic practitioners including doctors and still, no one compares to the quality and level of service that Neelam offers at En Light. I believe in the offerings at En Light so much that I have recommended her services to members of my family. I am eternally grateful to Neelam for the care she provided me. Because of it, I understand myself better holistically and I'm better able to know what my body needs. Thank you, Neelam!

- Tiffany Williams, New York/Costa Rica