My Ayurvedic Chef Services 


Brooklyn, New York

San Juanillo & Nosara, Costa Rica


Hire Sonia or Neelam to prepare meals that are balancing for your specific mind-body constitution.  Staying true to Ayurvedic principles, we use high-vibrational and local ingredients, which are rich in prana.  In addition, the extensive practices of the chefs enhances the healing qualities of the meals.  This plan includes receiving an Ayurvedic consultation, in which your specific doshic make-up is identified as well current body and/or mind imbalances.  The meal preparation will be prepared consciously to balance any imbalances.  Please contact us for various meal options or to have one customized for your specific needs. 


For an additional cost, we can also teach you how to prepare these meals so that you are able to cook for your imbalances in the future.  

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We offer private and group cooking lessons in which you will learn how to cook meals that are balancing to your own mind-body constitution; how to identify imbalances in your own mind-body and adjust meals in a manner that remedies these imbalances; how to make adjustments to meals based on season, environment and other lifestyle practices; how to cook with Ayurvedic and digestive-promoting spices; and how to cook meals to promote certain energetics in the mind including sattvic eating. 

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Are you hosting a yoga, meditation or other spiritual retreat? Hire us to cook Ayurvedic meals for your retreat. The meals will be prepared consciously including using sattvic and high vibrational ingredients that are balancing to all doshas and enhancing of the light, calm and positive aspects of the mind.  As Yoga incorporates a holistic approach to connecting with the body and mind and health, incorporating an Ayurvedic diet in your retreat will support and enhance your retreat participants’ spiritual practice and wellness.  Keep in mind that an Ayurvedic meal is so much more than simply offering a vegetarian meal - which if not prepared, consciously, may actually aggravate the body/mind.  Contact us today for more information on our menu and pricing.

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According to Ayurveda, Vata dosha, made up of the air and ether elements, is responsible for all movement in the body/mind including movement of thoughts.  An increase in Vata dosha causes certain manifestations in the mind including increased feelings of distractedness (“scatter-brained”), finding it harder to concentrate or pay attention to any one task other than for a brief period of time, increased feelings of anxiety, worry, stress, fear or paranoia.  This Vata-Balancing meal plan includes 5 dinners a week, prepared consciously using spices and ingredients that are optimal at decreasing Vata.  Recipes for the meals will be included as well as information on other grounding practices that can be incorporated in your daily rhythm to lower Vata energy in your life.  

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5 Days

Whereas a Western fast usually refers to depriving the body of food, an Ayurvedic “fast” often entails eating a mono-diet over an extended period of time. As your digestive system becomes accustomed to the same food, it receives a break and can “reset” itself.  Kitchari, prepared Ayurvedically including using tri-doshic ingredients and digestive promoting spices, is easy for the body to digest and is ideally used in the mono-diet fast.  In addition, many toxins are stored in our fat which our body keeps as a reserve as a survival mechanism.  When you feed your body a diet that includes ghee, your body can rest in comfort knowing that there is a constant supply of fat while your body  releases old fat with stored toxins.  The 5-Day Kitchari Cleanse meal plan includes 3 kitchari meals a day for a consecutive 5-day period. 

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Ayurveda is unique in that it recognizes that the energetics of foods affect the energetics of the mind.  A sattvic diet promotes qualities of the mind that are harmonizing, calming, light, pure and clear. It promotes strength, health, joy, alertness and bliss.  It is wholesome, easy to digest and, by its inherent nature, is vegetarian.  A sattvic diet also supports and enhances those in their spiritual practices (especially those with a meditation, breathing and/or yoga practice) by activating a mind that is conducive to these practices.  The sattvic meal plan includes 5 dinners.  Delivery to certain areas in Brooklyn, New York and San Juanillo, Co may be included.

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